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Cherell Evans

Actress/ Model


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Reels of Cherell

In this reel, Cherell Evans plays multiple characters, each expressing distinct emotions and personalities. In her debut movie, Heel'd, she portrays Trisha, a boisterous, candid best friend. Despite only having acted for a year and a half, Cherell exhibits remarkable potential and is eager to refine her craft.

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Cherell, a native of Muskegon, Michigan, nurtured a long-standing desire for a career in modeling. Despite becoming a parent at an early age, which initially seemed to dim her aspirations, she discovered solace in reading. Her passion for reading soon led her to writing, an activity that enabled her to escape from the world around her. After 19 years and a second child, she decided to try her hand at acting on a whim, encouraged by an inner voice to give it a shot. Acting soon became her second passion after writing and reading, and although she is a newcomer to the industry, she has participated in numerous plays, movies, shorts, commercials, fashion shows, and other projects.

My approach

Movies are my secret getaway where I can vanish into another realm. It's thrilling to transform into a whole different person, unlocking their emotions and strutting their stuff on-screen. The best part? I can pick characters that are the polar opposite of me, living their lives and feeling their feels. It's like finally stepping into the shoes of my favorite book characters!

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2023- November

Mama They Didn’t Mean It,

Ocala, Florida Stage play

A stage play the captures the life of Keesha Rivers as she grew up dealing with sexual abuse, low self esteem and loss while still trusting in God.

2023- November

Perceived Holiday,

Union ,SC Movie

This is a story about three families who got triple-booked at an Airbnb and had to make the best of a challenging situation. However, things took a turn for the worse when someone decided to take something that wasn't theirs.



Greenville, SC Movie


Game night

Greenville, SC Short Film

Heel’d- The story depicts a young girl who confronts the harsh realities of life after being forced to leave her father's home. She endures various challenges such as abuse, abandonment, and other adversities while also raising three children.

Game Night- This is a tale about a wife who faces a challenging dilemma when confronted with suspicions of her husband's infidelity.

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Heal’d & Heal’n

A Perceiv’d Holiday

Heel’d the Movie

Heal’D & Heal’N- In the fifth episode of our documentary series, we delve into the life of Actress Cherell Evans, exploring how she overcame her struggles with low self-esteem and anxiety surrounding the opinions of others.

A Perceiv’d Holiday- Cherell reprises her role as Trisha in this holiday movie, intending to relish some quality time with her dear friends. However, the situation takes a turn for the worse.

Heel’d- Cherell introduces Trisha as the quintessential friend that everyone needs. Trisha played a pivotal role in helping her best friend, Angela, turn her life around following abandonment, abuse, and a loss of faith in both God and herself.

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Fun Fact!

Theater is how I fell in love with acting. I auditioned for a play just to say I tried it, got a part and it became apart of me.

Mama, They Didn’t Mean it

A new Pair Of shoes

DESPERATE Measures The Sequel

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Cherell evans

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